UK to quadruple quota for migrant farm personnel - Sunday Telegraph

LONDON Britain&aposs government will quadruple the annual immigration quota for periodic farm employees to 10,000 from the coming year to tackle work shortages in the industry after Brexit, the Sunday Telegraph local newspaper reported.

Currently Britain enables 2,500 individuals from outside the European Union to function temporarily on British farms annually, a variety the sector claims is way too reduced. Various other farm staff are derived from poorer parts of the EU, and do not yet deal with a quota.

"Our immigration system should reflect the needs of the farming sector, and carrying on with and expanding the seasonal staff system will probably be an important part of this," agriculture minister Theresa Villiers told the Sunday Telegraph.

The increase will probably be formally released included in the Conservative Party&aposs strategy in the run-up to and including federal political election on Dec. 12, the newspaper stated.

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